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“Huntington Castle in Carlow Named One of Airbnb’s Most Wish-Listed Castles in Ireland”

Huntington Castle in Carlow has achieved recognition as one of Airbnb’s most wish listed castles in Ireland. Situated in the picturesque village of Clonegal along the Slaney Valley, the castle offers guests a unique opportunity to step back in time to 1625, the year of its construction by Sir Laurence Esmonde. The property boasts a limited number of historic guest rooms featuring original period details like four-poster beds and oak panelling.

Visitors to Huntington Castle can immerse themselves in the past, enjoying breakfast in the conservatory, exploring the historical gardens, and relaxing in the tapestry room. Initially built as a garrison to safeguard the Dublin-Wexford trade route along the River Derry, the castle has undergone various transformations since 1625. In the 1680s, it evolved into the family home it is today, with gardens created by Lord Esmonde’s grandson, Sir Laurence II, and an Avenue lined with Lime trees planted in 1687.

Throughout its history, Huntington Castle has witnessed modifications, notably in 1720 and the 1860s by Alexander Durdin. Additional enhancements, including a conservatory balcony and greenhouse, were made by Manning Durdin Robertson. Beyond the castle’s walls, guests can explore the rich history of Carlow, with nearby attractions such as the Brownshill Dolmen and Carlow Castle. The latter, located a short 34-minute drive away in Carlow Town, stands as another captivating historic landmark.

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