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Hurricane Epsilon will cause heavy rain and thunder storm in Ireland

Met Eireann has warned that Hurricane Epsilon, now classified as a tropical storm, will reach in Ireland on Tuesday night, with heavy rainfall.

The western regions of Ireland will be worst affected by Hurricane Epsilon.

Low atmospheric pressure will put the weather in crisis this week; a meteorologist at Met Eireann said the week would start with heavy cold and rain, but these changes would end by the weekend.

The Meteorological Department has forecast continuous heavy rains in the western and southern coastal areas of the country tonight.

In addition, isolated thunderstorms are possible. The coastal areas will experience a low of four to seven degrees.

Heavy rain with thunderstorms is expected in many parts of Ireland on Wednesday. The rains will first start in the western part of the country but in the afternoon it will spread to other parts of the country.

Temperatures of 9 to 11 degrees Celsius are forecast for Wednesday night, with winds and rain expected to return to the Atlantic coast by night.

However, Met Eireann warns that the weather will be cloudy and heavy rains and winds are expected again in various parts of the country by Thursday morning.

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