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Immigrant women from India surpass all in Ireland as the highest weekly earners, defying expectations!

Dublin: A noteworthy revelation has emerged, challenging conventional expectations regarding the highest weekly earners in Ireland. Surprisingly, it is the immigrant women from India who claim this distinction, surpassing both local and foreign men in earnings.

Recent data analysis from the Irish Central Statistics Office underscores this phenomenon. In 2022, the average weekly earnings for Indian women in Ireland stood at €886.93, eclipsing the overall average of €670.90 for men and women of all nationalities, including those of Irish descent.

Remarkably, Indian women stand out as the sole female national group in Ireland, earning more than their male counterparts. Their earnings exceeded those of Indian men by 4 percent, with the latter earning €852.98 per week.

In a broader context, it becomes evident that, except for Indian nationals, men generally outearn women across all national groups. Indian women in Ireland outpaced their Irish female counterparts by a substantial margin, earning 45 percent more (€611.60) and surpassing the total female average weekly earnings by 50 percent (€592.92).

The overall highest weekly income in Ireland is attributed to Indian citizens, with an average of €873.38, placing them at the forefront. UK nationals trail behind in second place, earning an average of €710.32.

Healthcare professionals, particularly Indian nurses, have significantly contributed to this economic distinction. Notably, approximately 75 percent of Indian nurses in Ireland hail from the state of Kerala. Moreover, the IT, finance, and pharma sectors boast thousands of Indian professionals whose incomes align with their professional expertise.

The Indian community is emerging as a pivotal force in Ireland, fostered by the strong ties and friendships between India and Ireland. The collaborative efforts have led to a surge in individuals pursuing education and subsequently finding employment opportunities. The local community now acknowledges the unique contributions of the Indian community to Ireland’s national growth, progress, and advancements in science, technology, and healthcare.

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