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Imposed school closure had an adverse impact on students, parents raises their concerns

The major concerns of most of the parents are regarding the future of their little ones. Because of the school closure enforcement related to the out break of Covid-19 is having an adverse effect on students learning capacity.

There are students with dues of the Leaving Certificate examinations. But the fear of the parents is that since children are sitting in home for months, they had either a major or moderate negative impact in their learning capabilities.

The Central Statistics Office released some new figures, which shows that 53.3% of these children are having certain impacts on their social development.

The report says that four in ten respondents with children in primary school, and 45.7% of respondents with children in secondary schools, believes that imposed lockdown and school closures had a ‘major’ or ‘moderate’ negative impact on their child’s learning.

Around 67% respondents say that primary school children are spending only two or less hours for their studies and other learning activities provided by the teachers during this closure period.

Even though many parents want the school to be reopened and wanted to send their kids to school, some are also concerned about certain things. According to the study, one out of three parents are extremely or very concerned about whether the school will provide a safe environment for their children.  

Two in three parents said that they would be ‘very likely’ or ‘somewhat likely’ to avail of a Covid-19 vaccine for their school-going children if one were available.

1,333 responses were collected from 2,226 parents and guardians as a part of the survey. The survey was conducted via online and the last date of the data collection was done on August 19.  

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