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In Ireland, the workers who come on the General Employment Permit are facing great exploitation..!

Dublin: There is a growing demand for fundamental changes in the country’s labour laws to curb the exploitation faced by migrant workers. The relevant parliamentary committee also stated that the existing discrimination in various employment permits is causing division and conflict among workers. The committee discussed the need for laws in the country, including changes to employment permits, to end labour exploitation and discrimination.

Edel McGinley, director of the Migrant Rights Center Ireland (MRCI), has asked a parliamentary committee to change the rules to allow all categories of employment permit holders to change employers more easily. She also demanded that all of these be included in the new Employment Permit Bill, which is currently being debated in the Dáil.

Discrimination… Exploitation…

Workers hired under a general employment permit are not allowed to change jobs for five years. This opens the door to massive exploitation. It is extremely difficult for these workers to bring their families with them. Even if they arrive, family members are not permitted to work. About 40,000 employment permits have been issued in 2022, they said.

At the same time, critical skills employment permit workers can do any job after two years. They are welcome to bring their families and work. She requested that this discrimination be prohibited. They warned that this situation is creating division and conflict in workplaces.

Less wages

They said migrant workers are paid 22% less per hour than Irish nationals. While IT-skilled migrant workers and others get preferential treatment, those working in the food sector do not get much.

They explained that structural flaws in the employment permit system are causing hardship for thousands of job seekers.

In the last 18 months, the government has increased the maximum number of employment permits for care and home care workers, meat workers, construction workers, healthcare assistants, haulage drivers, dairy workers, and bus and coach drivers.

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