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Indian couple denies housing to a Sikh man in Ireland because he is not a vegetarian

DUBLIN: A Sikh man in Dublin who was refused housing for being a non-vegetarian has sparked controversy on social media. The fact that Indian origin Simran Singh Bakshi and his girlfriend had to face this strange experience from an Indian couple adds to the seriousness of the incident.

After seeing an advertisement for a double room, the couple contacted the landlords. After agreeing on everything, the homeowners asked for Simran’s passport details and realized that he is a Sikh after seeing his name. Simran then offered to pay extra money, but the owners refused to rent the house to him because he isn’t a vegetarian.

However, since Simran’s girlfriend was a vegetarian, the owners offered a single room. “I even said I won’t cook non-veg at home and I’ll just eat meat at restaurants, and she still said no,” he said.

Simran told Dublin Live about the casteism he experienced, and the publication posted about it on Twitter. Although the incident sparked controversy on social media, people shared mixed feelings. Here are few reactions: 

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