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INMO states that the suffering of nurses continues, there is no faith in the hospital authorities

DUBLIN: The Nurses’ Association of Ireland has stated that there is an increase in the suffering of nurses at work and that they have lost faith in the safety provided by hospital authorities.

INMO General Secretary Phil Ni Sheaghdha said that although the plight of the nurses has been brought to the attention of the authorities several times, they do not have any hope that the situation will improve at present.

Last month, INMO visited hospitals in the country and found that most of the nurses are working very hard day and night and are suffering from various forms of harassment. “That is why major changes are required in this sector,” Sheaghdha told RTÉ Radio News.

Sheaghdha added that in most of the places, the nurses are being employed without agreeing to the employment agreements, and they are facing a lot of difficulties at work.

Up to 400 people in trolleys is not a problem, but on Friday there were 548 people in the trolley. Sheaghdha said that a clear plan is needed to solve this problem, and the organisers still believe in the system.

She reminded hospital administrators that they should take the initiative to recruit nurses and ensure their safety.

“Hospitals are employers, and they have a responsibility to keep their employees safe,” she said. Employers also have a responsibility to avoid assault and forced work in unsafe conditions, she said.

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