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International Irish Whiskey Day – March 3, 2023

March 3rd is International Irish Whiskey Day. It is a day dedicated to the world-famous whisky variety known as Irish whiskey. ‘Uisce beatha’ means ‘water of life’ in Irish. It is said the word ‘whiskey’ originated from this Irish phrase. Irish whiskey is thought to have become extremely popular in Europe in the twelfth century. Irish whiskey, as the name suggests, is whisky produced in Ireland, and it is known for its smooth texture and quality. It is a favourite among whiskey enthusiasts all around the world.

Stuart McNamara, a West Cork native, established International Irish Whiskey Day because he felt that people did not acknowledge or appreciate Irish whiskey sufficiently. He wanted people to know where Irish whiskey came from and how it was traditionally prepared. This historic approach is responsible for the excellent taste that whiskey lovers all over the world adore.

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