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IPhone with new 5G phones to dominate the trade market; large reductions can be expected on older versions

Dublin: The new iPhone will be released next month along with the 2020 Apple Keynote event.

It is estimated that with the launch of the latest 5G phones in the iPhone franchise, the price of previous models such as the iPhone 11 will go down.

According to TechSite Music, Magpie report, as the new iPhone enters the market, the price of its predecessors is predicted to decline by 11% in the first month, followed by 17% in the next three months.

The largest discount recently came when the iPhone XR was released. Its predecessors, the iPhone XS and XA Max, were down 35% in the first three months.

In general, expensive phones tend to retain their value. Six months after its release, the price of the iPhone 11 has dropped by 34%. At the same time, cheaper models, such as the Google Pixel 3A, were 64% cheaper during the same period.

The average Apple phone price is expected to drop by 43% in 12 months.

Samsung is next in line. Within a year, most of Samsung’s handsets will be 64% cheaper.

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