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Ireland as a study location for Indian students

Dublin: There has been a significant growth in the number of Indian students studying in Ireland. According to Enterprise Ireland, the number of Indian students applying for higher education is expanding at a 10% annual pace. With the advent of the Critical Skills Employment Permit in 2010, Ireland has been a popular destination for Indian students and job seekers.

According to Enterprise Ireland data, Ireland has the greatest number of STEM graduates aged 20–29 in the EU. Ireland is also first in terms of international talent.

In the last decade, Ireland has become the educational dream of Indian students since it is a safe and peaceful destination to live, study, and work. Ireland has low-cost, high-quality education and research facilities compared to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Over 70% of newcomers to Ireland have a third-level degree. Non-Irish people make up about 17% of the workforce here. Ireland will have the fifth largest labor force in the European Union by 2020.

The Green Card was replaced by the Critical Skills Employment Permit Scheme. This scheme was implemented in order to address Ireland’s skilled labor shortage. This permit allowed ICT experts, professional engineers, technologists, and others to enter Ireland.

According to education expert Suneet Singh Kochar, approximately 5,000 Indian students come to Ireland each year for higher studies and work. Thousands of students have arrived in Ireland through various agencies. 95% of them were successful.

According to Enterprise Ireland, all cities have adequate student housing, except for the capital city of Dublin, which has a housing shortage. However, the reality is that high rents must be paid in all places. According to university representatives, once the housing issues are resolved, more students will certainly come to Ireland. Universities are actively attempting to accomplish this.

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