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Ireland: General practice sector without doctors

Dublin: The general practice sector is struggling due to a lack of doctors. The country is suffering from a severe shortage of general practitioners. Those who are currently serving are suffering as a result of an excessive workload. This has a negative impact on providing patients with timely and high-quality care. Ireland’s ageing population is increasing, so doctors say Slaintecare will need to rely more on primary health care.

No doctors have been appointed for a year.

This suggests that Ireland will need more GPs. However, no doctors have been appointed here in over a year. Hundreds of general practitioners are about to retire. Many GPs work without holidays or rest periods. Various organisations, including the Irish College of GPs, are concerned that unless more doctors are hired, the health sector will be in serious trouble.

Medical students should be used in general practice.

To address such issues, the ICGP and the Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland (AUDPGI) issued a joint report calling for funding and placements for medical students in general practice.

The report suggests that general practitioners be given opportunities to advance their academic careers and that there be stronger links between GP practices and universities.

IHCA’s concerns were dismissed by the Health Department.

Meanwhile, the Irish Hospital Consultants Association is concerned that the new contract does not specify whether those who work part-time will be entitled to overtime. The Department of Health, on the other hand, stated that there is no lack of clarity in this regard. According to the Department, those who work less than 37 hours per week are not entitled to overtime pay under the Public Service Pay Agreement.

The department also rejected the contention that the disciplinary code was flawed. The department explained that this would apply to all employees in the health sector. The department said that the new contract is very clear that public consultants who sign it will be allowed to engage in off-site private practise.

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