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Ireland Implements Substantial Pay Increase for Healthcare Assistants and Streamlines Family Reunification Process

Dublin: Recently unveiled significant amendments to its employment permit policies, ushering in positive developments for various sectors. Notably, the salaries for healthcare and home care assistants, a substantial number of whom are Indians, will witness an increase to €30,000 by January 25 of the coming year, up from the current €27,000. Further increments are anticipated, with a target of €32,000 by January 2025 and a proposed elevation to €39,000 by January 2026. Neale Richmond TD, the Minister of State for Business, Employment, and Retail, assures that these adjustments will streamline the family reunification process.

Moreover, the Irish government has expanded opportunities by introducing 43 roles under General Work Permits. This move is poised to benefit not only those seeking employment in Ireland but will also prove advantageous for diverse sectors, encompassing engineers, mechanics, electricians, meteorologists, butchers, bakers, and beyond.

Crucially, Ireland is extending its employment landscape to non-EU nationals, including individuals from countries such as India, for positions outlined in the general employment list. 

Residential Day and Domiciliary Case Managers – in Disability Services
Play Therapist – in Disability Services
Genetic Counsellor
Social Care Worker
Family Support Workers – in Disability Services
Project Offices, Disability
Support Worker (oscial, community, public and charity)
Guide Dog Mobility Instructor for the Visually Impaired
Autism Assistance Dog Instructor
Pig Managers
Smiths and forge workers
Moulders, core makers and die casters
Metal plate workers and riveters
Car mechanic, Motor mechanic, Auto electrician, Motor vehicle technician
HGV mechanic
Vehicle body builders and repairers/Body shop panel beaters
Electrician, electrical contractor, electrical engineer,
Vehicle paint technician
Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades superviosrs
Upholstery and furniture operatives
Furniture makers and other craft woodworkers
Senior Care Workers – in Disability Services
Textile Process Operatives
Wood Machine Operatives
Saw Doctor/Wood Machine Mechanic
Armature Rewinder
Pig Farm Assistants
Speciality Forestry Harvesting Technician

The following 11 occupations have been newly added to the critical skill occupations list.

Professional Forester
Reosurce modelling, earth observation and data analyst
Operational Forecaster
Chemical Engineer
Project Engineer
BIM Manager
Optometrist (Ophthalmic Optician)
Commercial Manager
BIM Coordinator/Technician

The government has recently unveiled a comprehensive policy, shaped by insights gathered during a public consultation initiated in March 2023. Evidently, the government has demonstrated a compassionate stance in response to petitions from numerous organisations, notably Overseas Health and Home Care in Ireland, an entity representing healthcare assistants. Bineesh Joseph, Preeti Krishanakumar, Libin Baby Thetayil, and Reggie C. Jacob, administrators of Health and Home Care in Ireland, expressed heartfelt appreciation to healthcare employees and the general public for their unwavering support in achieving the policy’s objectives.

In a significant move aimed at addressing the challenges faced by healthcare assistants and promoting family reunification, Ireland has expanded job opportunities under the General Work Permit and Critical Care Permit. This policy shift not only facilitates the reunion of healthcare assistant families but also broadens the spectrum of employment available to spouses. Occupations ranging from electricians and car mechanics to social care workers are now encompassed within the permit.

Anticipating further developments, it is expected that additional orders and policies, originating from the Department of Justice (including work permits and stamps for spouses), the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Health, will be announced in the coming days.

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