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Ireland Introduces Single Permit System: Visa and Permit Combined

Dublin: The often complex process of securing a work permit, visa, and immigration permission to stay in Ireland as a non-EEA national is set to be streamlined under a new single permit system. Justice Minister Helen McEntee has confirmed the approval of this arrangement, promising a more straightforward pathway for non-EU nationals to live and work in Ireland.

Implementation Timeline

Minister McEntee announced that the new single permit system will be fully operational within the next three years. During this transition period, existing procedures will be optimised, and a unified payment system will be introduced to simplify the application process.

The Single Permit Directive aims to provide equal treatment for non-EU nationals working in the EU. This directive will enhance working conditions, grant access to social welfare benefits, ensure the recognition of qualifications, and offer tax benefits.

Currently, individuals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) must first obtain a work permit to work in Ireland. If they are from a visa-required country, they must also apply for a visa.

Towards an EU Single Permit

Minister McEntee emphasised that the implementation of the single permit system in Ireland could pave the way for the introduction of the EU single permit. This move is seen as essential in attracting skilled and experienced professionals to the Irish economy.

Digital Transformation

The minister also revealed plans to fully digitise the immigration service. As part of these efforts, partners and spouses of work permit holders will be allowed to engage in self-employment without needing special permission. These measures are designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the economy and to recognise and encourage the contributions made by immigrants to Irish society.

The introduction of the single permit system represents a significant step forward in making Ireland a more attractive destination for international talent, while also simplifying the bureaucratic process for non-EEA nationals.

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