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Ireland is one of the least well-rested countries in the European Union: Study

As per the new study, Ireland is one of the European Union’s least well-rested countries.

Ireland is placed 24th out of 28 European countries on the list, with Greece being the least well-rested, followed by Italy and the Netherlands. According to Bed Kingdom, Slovakia is the well-rested country in Europe, with Finland and Bulgaria close behind in second and third positions, respectively.

The minimum number of paid annual leave and public holidays, the maximum number of hours allowed to work weekly, the legal minimum duration of rest breaks, annual working hours per person, hours of daily and weekly rest, and the percentage of the population sleeping for seven hours or more each night were all factors considered.

Slovakia was found to be the most rested country in Europe, with a score of 86.04 out of 100. Slovak employees are eligible to an additional 15 days of paid public holidays in addition to the 28 days of paid yearly vacation. Along with Lithuania, it has the most public holidays of any European country in the study. Slovakia is also one of just three European countries that is entitled to 12 hours of daily relaxation between workdays, as opposed to the 11 hours that are common across Europe. Furthermore, a respectable 74.97% of the population was found to get seven hours or more of sleep every night on average.

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