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Ireland is waiting for Indians, 70 percent of new work permits for Indians!

Dublin: Tens of thousands of non-EU workers are in Ireland, and the Irish government has clarified that they will have to provide job opportunities this year. It is estimated that Ireland will hire 100,000 people from outside Europe in the coming year. When we hear about job losses around the world, Ireland is one of the main countries that provides growth at the opposite rate.

Ireland’s startups continue to thrive in the IT, finance, and pharmaceutical sectors, with massive growth rates…but surveys show that a lack of skilled workers will stifle growth in the coming years.

According to a survey conducted by researchers for Financial Services Ireland (FSI), start-ups were the biggest hit, with 86 percent of companies predicting significant growth in turnover. Fintech firms alone require 5,000 new employees.

Only ten major industries reported 100,000 vacancies. The country’s labour shortage has reached critical proportions. According to Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, the labour shortage is affecting all industries, including the public sector. He stated that he never imagined unemployment would be completely eliminated. Now, foreign workers are the only thing to rely on.

One-third are Indians.

Indians account for one-third of new work permit holders in Ireland. When the figures for the first 8 months of 2023 were released, a total of 20,873 new work permits were granted in Ireland. Out of this, 7,729 work permits were obtained from India.

This year, 1824 Brazilians, 1768 Filipinos, and 1050 Pakistanis received new work permits.

While the health- social work sectors alone received 6830 work permits, the IT communication sector received 3203 visas, and the finance sector received 1561 visas.

Last year, a total of 48,000 work permits were granted, while more than 25,000 were given to Indians. The availability of more skilled workers in Ireland for highly skilled jobs in Ireland makes India more appealing to recruiters, and the number of Indian workers here will grow in the coming years.

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