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Ireland Set to Revise Regulations on Foreign Student Accommodation in Hostels

Dublin: The government is actively addressing the complexities surrounding student accommodation, aiming to streamline the rental process and alleviate burdensome conditions imposed by landlords and agencies.

Minister for Higher Education, Simon Harris, has announced plans to amend planning permissions for student housing, mandating leases that align with the academic year. This move aims to address the common issue of students being obligated to pay rent beyond their study period due to lengthy lease requirements, often spanning 51 weeks instead of the typical 40-week academic calendar.

Minister Harris’s intervention comes in response to widespread challenges faced by students, including disputes and protests over lease terms, as well as difficulties in securing alternative accommodation if courses extend beyond the standard lease duration.

The proposed legislative amendment, set to be presented to the Cabinet, seeks to curb such practices and ensure fairer rental conditions for students. Minister Harris intends to engage with the Planning Authority to address these concerns effectively.

Additionally, the amended law will prevent uncontrolled rent hikes for student accommodation, particularly in rent pressure zones, offering protection against excessive increases.

Furthermore, Minister Harris emphasises that students will have the flexibility to extend lease terms as needed, without coercion. Moreover, post-academic term, landlords will have the option to provide short-term rentals to tourists.

This initiative has received support from Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien, who agrees that unnecessary rental conditions should be avoided.

Concerns have also been raised about additional costs imposed on landlords and agencies, with some asked to pay an extra €3,000 annually to accommodate students in Dublin. Minister Harris asserts that this practice is under scrutiny and may constitute a breach of planning permission regulations.

Mairead Farrell, Sinn Féin’s spokesperson for further education, acknowledges the Minister’s statement but remains vigilant, awaiting concrete actions to address the ongoing challenges in student accommodation.

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