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Ireland’s Gas Use Booms; 55% of electricity generated from gas

Dublin: Despite the energy crisis, Ireland’s use of gas is increasing. In September, 55% of Ireland’s electricity was generated from gas. This is a 12% increase compared to September last year.

Gas Networks Ireland also pointed out that demand for gas was 6% higher than at the same time last year. Gas consumption fell by 11% between August and September. However, gas consumption increased in September. Gas usage increased in all sectors of usage. In comparison to 2021, gas consumption in air transportation increased by 85%. The retail sector increased by 27%, the leisure and sports sector increased by 25%, and the hotel sector increased by 15%.

In September, the wind generated 25% of the electricity. This is a 19% increase over September of last year. In addition, coal-fired electricity generation increased by 10% compared to August. Yet electricity generation from gas could not be reduced.

According to Gas Networks Ireland, gas accounts for up to 81% of electricity generation in various parts of the country. The figures also show that at no point in September did the share of electricity from gas fall below 16 per cent.

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