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Ireland’s homelessness is on the rise… Dublin turns into the homelessness capital!

Dublin: Ireland’s growing homeless population is cause for concern. Hundreds of families, including women and children, are homeless on the streets. The charities point out that if schemes like ‘House for All’ are not implemented more precisely, homelessness will increase in the coming months. A major reason for the increase in homelessness is the lack of available facilities within the scope of the Homeless Housing Assistance Payment (HAP). They also contend that raising the threshold will aid in reducing homelessness.

During the COVID pandemic, there was a concerted effort to reduce homelessness. Through that, the number of homeless could reach 2000. Charities are also advocating for increased activation of these types of interventions. The charities suggest reforming the Housing for All scheme by increasing social housing and improving resilience.

Dublin is the capital of the homeless!

Figures from the Department of Housing indicate that the capital has the highest number of homeless people on the streets. There have been 11,700 confirmed homeless people. Dublin has 4,220 of them.

The number of homeless people has risen for the second month in a row.

If the government does not act, the number of people who take to the streets will grow.

Focus Ireland director Mike Allen predicts that the number of homeless people will rise again later this year due to evictions and tenancy issues. There are 413 homeless in Cork, 234 in Galway, and 210 in Limerick.

The Simon Community in Dublin said it was “dismayed” by the city’s growing homeless population. Caroline Murray, Senior Manager of Community Services, stated that urgent action was required to provide social and affordable housing. They claim that many families, couples, and singles have been living in emergency shelters for more than a year.

Many people who find accommodation find themselves homeless again due to high rents and other living problems. They say this problem can only be solved if there are affordable rental houses and housing programmes for the common man.

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