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Ireland’s restrictions are not that strict when compared to other EU nations; said medical expert Professor Sam McConkey

Professor Sam McConkey said that there will be curfews during Level 6 restrictions.

As the situation is getting worst each day, there are high chances of higher levels of restrictions.

Curfews maybe introduced right from the next stage, where people will be ordered to lock themselves in their homes after 10pm.

Professor Sam McConkey was answering to criticisms that NPHET has gone too far in recommending escalating our lockdown alert to Level 5.

He also pointed out that the restrictions implemented in Ireland are not the extremes, many other European countries have imposed strict rules well before time. He said that there are curfews in the UK.

“Some people say we have the strictest restrictions in Europe, but there is a curfew I believe in parts of the UK where after 10pm you’re not allowed out….. So that could be a Level 6,” he said.

“I know nobody’s talked about ‘Level 6’ yet and probably even shocked to hear Sam talk about ‘Level 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, but certainly curfews have been used in other countries for this.” He added.

Professor McConaughey said the latest leap would be more effective than the months of March and April, which led to the last national lockdown.

He said that the frog in the slowly boiling water is the best metaphor because it’s boiling slowly.

“So it’s not like in early March when everyone saw the horrific pictures from Northern Italy, and then Spain, and said, ‘oh, this is terrible, we must do something.’” He added.

He also said that it is important to face the situation much more seriously and flatten the curve.

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