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Irish Government opens up more opportunities for foreign workers

Dublin: Ireland is on the verge of becoming the highest paid worker in the European Union.

According to a study by Willis Towers Watson, a global payroll expert, Irish workers are expected to receive an average pay increase of 2.6 % by 2020.

Malta is another country that, along with Ireland, is raising workers ‘ wages. But it is generally not easy to access foreign workers here.

 “While pay rises has to be sustainable, a new study shows that Ireland is a desirable location for both employers and employees.” Willis Towers Watson Ireland Talent and Rewards Country Lead Jenny Smith says.

On the other hand, Ireland has again modified its rules on the recruitment of skilled workers from countries like India. Ireland’s audacity to compete with Britain in the coming Brexit is pushing for new concessions, beyond expectations that the country will move towards decisive growth.

The workforce for obtaining a general work permit in Ireland was expanded yesterday to include a number of categories.

Commis Chef

Security Manager

Building, Civil and Structural Engineering Technicians

Architectural Technician


Construction Safety Officers

Fireman, Non-EU employers can apply in these fields now.

This is the first time in history that the Irish General Work Permit list includes an employment market with so many job opportunities. Meat processing and heavy goods vehicle drivers also have more opportunities.

Commis Chefs with two years of work experience have the most job opportunities in Ireland. There are about 8,000 vacancies in the hospitality sector. The government is also planning to provide direct employment opportunities for students studying in the hospitality sector in Ireland.

With the decision to issue critical skill work permits and equivalent benefits to all nurses who are eligible to enter Ireland on a General Work Permit, the Nurses’ Spouse will also have the opportunity to choose a job based on their qualifications in the Irish job market.

Thousands of IT professionals and nurses from India are currently employed in Ireland. There are still many job opportunities in Ireland in the finance and pharmaceutical sectors.

According to the Family Reunification Rules, the EU’s greatest benefit is the opportunity to raise spouses and get them jobs.

Following a recession in Ireland over the past decade, wage cuts are being gradually reinstated. However, living standards in urban areas are lower than those in rural Ireland in terms of rent or mortgage costs.

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