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Irish Government’s Covid Funding Scheme; Non-EU students not eligible

Non-EU students were neglected from the Irish Government’s Covid Funding Scheme.

Under the government’s new funding scheme, two lakh full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students will receive 250 euros as Covid relief. However, non-EU students are not eligible for this grant.

The government is providing a total of 50 million in funding for third-level students who are affected by the Covid epidemic.

Students who receive the SUSI Grant will receive 250 euro grant before Christmas.

However, students who do not receive a grant will receive a grant of 250 euros in their fee arrears or a credit note to their educational institution.

At the same time, in many cases, the government will make alternative arrangements to provide financial assistance to students. However, students outside the EU are not eligible for payments. This is causing a huge protest among the students.

Covid financial aid for students were announced in the 2021 budget but the details have not been decided. At the same time, Lona Fitzpatrick, president of the Irish Students Union (USI), said current financial aid would not be enough to solve the problems of students affected by the Covid crisis.

Lona said that only through continuous financial support can the Covid impact in the higher education sector be effectively mitigated and problems solved.

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