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Irish market takes a turn as the demand for beef increases

Wexford: The market is never constant; it always undergoes a lot of changes. The demand of one item might change over one night. Likely the Irish market was always having high demand for other meet, but recently a rare demand for beef is getting high.

The new demand is giving happiness to farmers of Wexford like Liam Byron who prepare buffaloes ahead of the season for the Christmas market.

The market for buffalo meat and burgers is in high demand during Christmas and Byron bought a group of buffaloes two years ago, with this in mind.

Now the first batch of meat from his own buffalo farm is ready for sale. Byron’s farm has around 50 buffalos.

Buffalos will be ready for meet within 20 months, but the meet will be at its best if it is taken within 30 months. Other than other animals, these animals require a very less veterinary care. But according to Byron buffalos are bit hard to handle.

He also says that its from the near past that Irish people started consuming these protein rich, low fat buffalo meet. With the increase in demand, Byron did some research and started raising Asian buffaloes.

Buffalo burgers are being sold at the Seafield Hotel & Spa Resort in Balimani, which is almost nine miles from Byron’s farm.

Byron sells it as a package at the cost of just 35 euro; the package includes two pieces of steak, sausage, a beef burger and a kilo of buffalo meet.

Following to Byron and friends, another farmer from Ireland has stared taming buffaloes for milk. This farm in Kilna Martra has 130 buffaloes now.

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