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Irish Motorists to Face Toll Hike of At Least 20 Cents in January 2024

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has greenlit toll increases set to take effect in January 2024, with costs rising by a minimum of 20 cents. Approved in October 2023, these adjustments are based on the recorded annual inflation rate of 6.3 percent as of August. The toll increases will impact ten roads on the national network, with eight operating under a “public-private partnership” (PPP) model and the remaining two, the M50 and Dublin Tunnel, operated directly by TII.

Dublin Tunnel toll charges for passenger cars during peak periods will rise from €10 to €12, reverting to 2009 levels to maintain capacity for heavy goods vehicles accessing Dublin Port. For M50 and PPP toll roads, most car tolls will see a 20-cent increase per journey, while heavy goods vehicles will face a hike of 30 to 50 cents per journey. In 2023, the anticipated tolling income of approximately €208 million is slated to constitute around 45 percent of the overall budget for the national roads programme’s Protection and Renewal initiatives.

TII intends to utilise the expected income increase in 2024 to sustain protection and renewal activities, addressing significant cost escalations attributed to inflation.

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