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Irish Willing to Ditch Cars for Short Trips If Alternatives Are Available

Dublin: A recent survey reveals that the majority of people are willing to forego their cars for short journeys, opting instead for bicycles, walking, or public transport. According to the Red C survey, nine out of ten adults share this sentiment. However, Ireland’s public transport plans, particularly bus services, are facing delays due to local authority opposition, causing allocated funds to revert back to the transport department.

Survey respondents emphasised the need for change in this approach. The majority expressed readiness to use safe and convenient walking paths or cycling lanes.

Explaining the survey results, Prof. Brian Caulfield from the School of Engineering at Trinity College Dublin stated that the findings indicate a strong willingness to use public transport if it is reliable and efficient.

A Shift in Transportation Habits

Nine out of ten people indicated their readiness to use public transport for journeys of less than two kilometers. Regardless of whether they live in urban or rural areas, people prefer frequent bus services or cycling systems.

Prof. Caulfield noted that while cities typically offer multiple transportation options, suburbs and villages often lack such choices. Therefore, implementing planned projects could enhance travel experiences and reduce atmospheric pollution.

Addressing Air Pollution

The survey highlights that a significant portion of air pollution originates from short trips typically made by private cars. By improving public transport and infrastructure for walking and cycling, Ireland can achieve better travel options and lower pollution levels.

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