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Is the amount spent by the government on providing infrastructure a lottery for developers?

Dublin: Concerns are being raised that the money spent by the government on building the infrastructure associated with building new homes will only benefit developers.

There is a concern from various centres that the developers will make more profit by using all the roads, water facilities, and other basic elements prepared by the government, and all these costs will eventually reach the people who will buy houses and apartments. They claim that the developers will profit billions of euros as a result of this. But Prime Minister Leo Varadkar denied the allegation.

Varadkar said that the provision of all infrastructure should not be interpreted as a gift to developers. This is completely incorrect. The government provides social infrastructure such as water, road networks, and footpath networks when constructing a new housing estate or apartment block. The government and taxpayers will bear the entire cost of this. As in the past, it will not be the responsibility of the home buyers. Varadkar clarified.

Varadkar also stated that the number of people purchasing their own homes is higher than in the past. However, construction is taking too long. Varadkar also explained that it is very necessary to fill the shortage of houses. Varadkar said that today’s cabinet meeting will approve the packages aimed at solving all the problems. Varadkar also stated that the amount of the development levy is up to the local authority.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou Mcdonald has called for a massive increase in affordable and social housing. The Sinn Fein leader claimed that the government is in a panic because it is unable to solve the housing crisis.

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