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Is the Irish Government’s weakness the cause for the rise of racial violence in Ireland?

Dublin: Is racism becoming a regular occurrence in various parts of Ireland? There have been a series of reports of racist violence in various counties across the country over the past two months. Concerns have been raised that some group is behind this.

Complaints of minor assaults are also being received but there are complaints that the authorities are not paying attention to it. There are a number of recurring incidents in which the case is settled by conducting an investigation just for name sake.

The attack on a Malayali nurse at Tala Hospital yesterday is just the latest.

A Malayali woman from Kannavam, Kozhikode, who was walking to the hospital near the Thala Luvas line, was attacked for no reason. The young group was attacking her from behind.

A group of youths who were walking from behind suddenly started shouting and threatening and poured apple cider vinegar on the shocked young woman. The Malayalee nurse who reached the hospital somehow was subjected to emergency medical treatment.

After the eye wash, the hospital authorities themselves called the garda and lodged a complaint about the incident. Garda said a detailed investigation would be conducted.

The incident video was recorded by one of the youths at the time of the attack.

Persecution for speaking Arabic

Two young men have been hospitalized after being injured in a racist attack on Pierce Street. The garda is investigating the incident.

Syrian man Jamal (28) and his Iraqi friend Mohammed (30), were attacked in downtown Dublin on Sunday night. They revealed that they were attacked by a group of youths.

The two were returning home after work at 11.15pm on Sunday. As Mohammed spoke in Arabic, a bystander was running up and pushing Jamal off his bike.

Muhammad, who questioned it, was also beaten. And then the assailant’s friends also joined the attack. Jamal went fainted and Muhammed’s chin was bruised. As some passersby informed, ambulance rushed the two to St. James’ Hospital. A few minutes later, Garda arrived at the scene.

The assailants also mocked Muhammad’s long hair, shouting, “We beat Jesus!”

Both were seriously injured in the incident. Jamal’s nose got broke, eyebrow and shoulders were also injured. There are also signs of a chest bite. Muhammad also had bruises on his body.     

A resident of Pierce Street filmed the incident on his mobile phone from his apartment and handed it over to the garda.  

This is the first time the two, who have lived in Ireland for five years, have been attacked here. They said they had not been racially abused and thought the group had attacked them because they spoke Arabic.

Jamal, who has an Irish girlfriend and many Irish friends, said he had heard “multiple stories” from colleagues at the company where he worked.

A colleague from an African country recently spilled milk on her face when she left the job. Another man from Algeria was called a terrorist and beaten on the street, Jamal said. After Sunday’s attack Jamal said he felt streets are unsafe.  

The Garda stated that they were investigating an August 16 attack on Pierce Street. No arrests have been made. The incident does not appear to have been racially motivated during the preliminary investigation. However, all circumstances are still being investigated, the spokesman said.

Garda Siochana said they takes hate crime seriously and will investigate every reported crime professionally and take serious action against the culprits.

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