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Just under €8 is enough to put the lives of people in Ireland at risk. Campaigners calls for action on the ‘minimum-unit pricing’ law

Dublin: A survey conducted by Alcohol Ireland has revealed that it is doubtful whether the government’s intention is that alcoholics in Ireland should die by drinking cheap alcohol illegally obtained without any restrictions. The survey warns that women and men alike are at risk from this cheap alcohol.

Alcohol Ireland says the survey has confirmed the need to stop getting the strongest and cheapest alcohol at the lowest prices. They demand for the implementation of ‘minimum-unit pricing’ law, so the cost for the same drink will increase. This is very dangerous situation, the survey reminds.

Women are getting alcohol at a lower price than me and this causes a great deal of harm. Men has to pay 7.65 euros a week for 17 drinks while the cost for women is just 4.95 euros. Alcohol Ireland proposes that a minimum of 17 euros be charged for drinks. The also survey found that drinking alcohol more than 17 times a week is not good for health!

Under the proposed law, the minimum price per unit of liquor would be 1 euro. But even that is very low, according to a survey by the group. Two years ago, the same liquor had cost 8.49 euro for men and 5.49 euro for women.

Uunan McKinney of Alcohol Action said the survey was conducted to convince every one of the dangers of lowering the cost of alcohol. He added that, the price of alcohol would have been higher, if the proposed law was enforced.  

The ‘minimum-unit pricing’ law was delayed In Stormont (Northern Ireland Assembly) and because of that it was not introduced here. It should be presented in both parts of the country at the same time. Only then can people be prevented from crossing the border and buying ‘cheap drinks’. 

Prof. Frank Murray, chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance Ireland, said the current prime minister had demonstrated a strong commitment to public health liquor policy when he was former health minister. The findings of the Alcohol Action Price Survey are expected to inspire the new government and Health Minister, Stephen Donnelly.

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