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‘Left-wing rule in Ireland’: Labour party Aims for Opposition unity

Cork: A Labour Party-led effort has begun in preparation for bringing a left-wing government to power in Ireland by the next election. Future left governance is also high on the agenda at the Labour Party National Conference in Cork. Labour has strategies to fight the election by bringing together the Green Party, the Social Democrats, and political parties such as Solidarity-People Before Profit.

The left-wing movement will begin by introducing a motion of no confidence in the opposition leadership against the Varadkar government. Ivana Bacik, the leader of the Labour Party, is introducing a motion of no confidence with a long list of accusations. The TD resolution was presented as a manifesto of the opposition.

The Labour TD attacked the government by pointing out its failings in every area. Accusing the government of a total failure to deal with problems, including the housing crisis, the Labour TD unleashed a storm of criticism against the government throughout the resolution. The TD also indicated that it would work with the SDLP to implement the social democratic vision. Labour to build an ‘Ireland for all’. They also made a call to join the party.

A revolution is needed in the housing sector.
Labour leader Ivana Bacik said that the biggest failure of the government is to steal the housing sector. This is evidenced by the fact that around 12,000 people are looking for emergency accommodation. This is an all-time record.

TD said there should be a structural revolution in providing housing to the homeless. She pointed out that government investment in the housing sector was very low. TD demanded that the ban on evictions of tenants should be extended. Rent in-situ scheme should be expedited. There should be a plan to build more houses on government land. The government is giving up a generation to the private rental casino game.

Housing will become a burdensome asset—one million homes per year.
They said that the right to housing would be made constitutional. Vulture funds and banks will be kept away. The target is one million houses in 10 years. Bacik said that 50,000 new houses and 50,000 renovated houses would be provided annually.
Breeds inequality

She accused Fina Fall and Fine Gael of creating inequality across Ireland. Ireland needs change and progress, the TD said. The current conservative coalition is not enough for that. The government here is ideologically and chronologically outdated, TD accused.

Climate action will be prioritised.
TD said that Ireland can be a leader in climate action. The current government is making compromises in this regard. So it doesn’t matter. There should be a complete change in agriculture as well. For that, sustainable development should be done by involving rural farmers. Pedestrians and cyclists should be prioritised, she said.

Climate ticket scheme.
TD said that they would bring a bus and train system that could travel anywhere in Ireland for nine euros a month.

Workers are paid in handfuls.
It will ensure fair wages and conditions for workers, including the end of non-minimum wage apprenticeships and the right to organise for workers.

Bacik also said that it will be a legal right to reduce working hours for up to two years for employees who need home care facilities.

Guaranteed Pre-School.
A public childcare scheme will be introduced to provide guaranteed pre-school for all children.
Radical change in healthcare
She said there would be a huge investment in primary care and the training of new nurses and doctors. Free GP care would be available to everyone under 18.

With Ukraine
TD called for Ukraine to join the European Union, expel Russia’s ambassador, and pass a law banning the importation of goods from illegal immigrants in Palestine.

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