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Lockdown in the capital is likely to continue in the wake of rising COVID cases

DUBLIN: The lockdown in Dublin is likely to be prolonged in the view of COVID outbreak. Ministers say Dublin will be able to get out of strict controls at least next month only if miracles happen.

At the same time, there are concerns in eight other counties across the country as well.

Of the 334 new COVID cases reported in Ireland yesterday, 174 were in Dublin, despite strict restrictions.

Although Level 3 restrictions have been in place in Dublin since last Friday, statistics show that there has been no significant change in the jump in COVID cases.

Meanwhile, ministers say the effect of the new restrictions will be felt only after this week.

A senior minister has said that he is concerned about the ongoing spread of COVID in Dublin and that there would have to be some miracle to eliminate the virus. At the same time, there could be no immediate easing of restrictions in Dublin unless the COVID cases are reduced.

A spokesman said it would take more than one week to reduce the number of COVID cases. COVID can only be eliminated if the public follows the guidelines. He said he was particularly concerned about whether people between the ages of 18 and 54 were following the guidelines properly.

At the same time, government sources said they are concerned about the increase in COVID cases in Cork. So far the county Cork has managed to prevent COVID’s second wave. However, if the situation worsens, a local lockdown will have to be imposed in Cork as well.

According to government sources, the closure of two major cities in the country will create a dire situation.

At the same time, Justice Minister Helen McEntee said the government aims to convince people, especially young people, of the need to strictly adhere to the guidelines.

The government is very much focused on encouraging people to follow the guidelines even as the COVID outbreak continues. Only then can the disease be controlled. Otherwise, the situation will get worse, she said.

McEntee warns that going backwards will not be easy if the guidelines are not followed and strict vigilance is maintained.

Public Affairs Minister Michael McGrath also expressed concern that Covid figures were moving in the wrong direction. He said the government was considering giving the garda more powers if there were serious breaches of the regulations.

McGrath said strict legislation would be enacted to protect vulnerable people and reduce the number of Covid cases.

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