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Majority of Ireland School Students are living on the phone

Dublin: Survey finds half of Irish high school students addicted to smartphones. The study by Study Click reveals that nine per cent of Irish higher secondary students surveyed have signed up for dating.

Snapchat is the most loved social media platform amongst youth. Almost 91% of the youngster are there in snapchat. 84% and 80% of youngsters’ waist their lives in Instagram and Facebook respectively.

The curiosity towards twitter have decreased, only 42% of the youth are making use of twitter platform. One thing is clear, two out of three teenagers are uncomfortable with their smartphones.

Here are some other revelations from the survey: more than half of the sixth std girls (53%) are not attending the PE classes.

Other than that, 76% of the teenagers are getting ready to repay their educational loan right after their studies.  39% of them doesn’t have a problem in paying 150-170 euros each.

 2632 students became a part of the survey, out of which 69% were girls and the rest 31 were boys. About half (46%) of them are living sergeants. 18 percent are fifth graders and 24 percent are junior certs.

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