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Many Businesses won’t be eligible for the new Covid relief scheme

The Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS), was a support scheme which was brought into to help the companies which cannot operate due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Many companies were expecting to be qualified for the scheme’s financial support, but the revenue guidance published last week says that only physically closed sites could benefits from the scheme.

The CRSS was one of the main initiatives of the Budget day and thus many businesses were having high hope and believes on this. But now things had become a bit confusing for many. Through the scheme, only physically shut downed companies will be eligible for the financial support of €5,000 weekly payment.

Facilities like shops, hotels, hospitality businesses etc. can avail the benefits but, on the other hand many other businesses which stays hand in hand to these sectors won’t be eligible for the scheme.

Paschal Donohoe, the Finance Minister said that CRSS is brought out to assist those businesses whose trade has been significantly impacted or temporarily closed as a result of the restrictions as set out in the Government’s Plan for Living with Covid-19. Which is directly related to the customer’s inabblity to access a company’s premises.  

“It is very restrictive. The message on Budget day seemed very hopeful, that this was really going to help a lot of businesses which are impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions.” Norah Collender, professional tax leader with Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI) said.

He said that the scheme would help for the businesses to keep going.

“There are approximately 820 hotels, 2,400 restaurants, 7,000 pubs and 3,000 hair salons operating in Ireland. If each of these businesses has just one supplier who can’t access the CRSS, then the number of businesses excluded is in the thousands,” he said

“I would have members on to me who have clients who are wholesale food providers to restaurants and hotels and they can’t access this at all.” Collender added.

Meanwhile objections have started rising due to the glimpses of biasness in the scheme. Umbrella accountants group CCAB-I said that the scheme should be aligned with the stated objectives and provide support to all businesses significantly impacted by Government restrictions and also said that the condition related to the access of premises should be removed.

CCAB-I has written a letter to the minister stating all of these above-mentioned.

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