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Meta Considers Reducing Number of Vice Presidents Amid Efficiency Push

Meta’s top executives are facing pressure to maintain efficiency, with the company reportedly considering reducing its number of vice presidents, according to Business Insider. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has integrated efficiency as a permanent fixture in Meta’s operations following a year in which over 20,000 employees were laid off. This focus on efficiency has heightened performance expectations and led to continuous restructuring and team reductions.

Last year, the number of vice presidents at Meta peaked at approximately 300, up from around 180 in previous years. A few vice presidents left the company in anticipation of further widespread layoffs. Zuckerberg now aims to reduce the number of vice presidents to around 250, spanning five hierarchical levels.

An insider noted, “The overall goal is still to reduce the people in the middle and at the top and increase the people on the bottom. It’s getting middle-heavy and top-heavy again.” In line with this, Zuckerberg previously expressed a preference for a streamlined corporate structure, moving away from “managers overseeing managers.”

Despite efforts to streamline, Meta’s practice of “lagged promotions”—where individuals assume new responsibilities for a year before their official title change—led to some expansion within management and executive levels. This did not entirely align with the envisioned trajectory of perpetual efficiency.

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