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Microsoft hires 200 new engineers in Ireland; announces 27 million Dublin office renovation plan

Microsoft’s campus in Leapordstown, Dublin is being renovated and expanded. Microsoft plans to hire 200 new engineers and build an engineering hub at a cost of 27 million euros. The company currently employs 2,500 people in Ireland.

The company has already started recruitment for the posts of Software Engineering, Customer Engineering, Program Management, Product Design, User Experience and Data Science.

The engineers at the new hub will be involved in the development, deployment, support and technical troubleshooting of new cloud services for customers around the world.

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said the investment by Microsoft would further strengthen the country’s position as a hub for innovation in Europe.

With the completion of the new hire, the number of engineering workers in Ireland will increase by a third. The Dublin campus will be the hub of the company’s European operations. The heart of the new engineering hub is The Garage.

It is a design concept established to promote innovative thinking on Microsoft’s Seattle campus and 10 other locations around the world. The garage on Microsoft’s Dublin campus is the first of its kind in Europe. This compares Ireland to the US, Canada, Israel, India and China.

Microsoft is one of the largest companies in Dublin to implement work from home. The announcement of the project can also be seen as a sign of a return from it. Other Dublin tech giants Facebook and Google have adopted a similar flexible working policy.

None of these have yet returned to normal office operations so their offices are still closed.

This year, the company is embarking on a radical transformation in all its areas, ”said Cathriona Hallahan, Managing Director, Microsoft Ireland.

Earlier this month, Microsoft Ireland published research showing that nearly half of the country’s office workers would never return to the office full – time and that corporate spending on offices in general would be reduced.

However, the tech giant has indicated that it has no plans to reduce its physical campus in Dublin, confirming the announcement of a new renovation package.

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