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Microsoft Reveals Russian Hackers Compromised Customer Emails After Infiltrating Systems

Microsoft Corporation recently revealed that Russian hackers, who infiltrated its systems earlier this year, also compromised customer emails. This disclosure, coming six months after the initial breach, underscores the extensive reach of the intrusion amid increasing regulatory scrutiny over Microsoft’s cybersecurity measures.

The breach, attributed to the Russian group Midnight Blizzard, follows a significant cyberattack last year by an alleged Chinese hacking group that resulted in the theft of thousands of U.S. government emails. The Russian government has not responded to the allegations. Microsoft stated that the hackers targeted cybersecurity researchers investigating the group’s activities. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that notifications are ongoing for customers whose correspondences with Microsoft corporate email accounts were exfiltrated by Midnight Blizzard.

While Microsoft is providing details to affected customers, it has not disclosed the number of compromised accounts or the volume of stolen emails. This latest breach has raised concerns among Microsoft’s security peers and customers about the continued vulnerability of its systems, as attempts to infiltrate the systems persisted months after the initial breach.

These security incidents, including the prior Chinese hack, prompted a Congressional hearing earlier this month. During the hearing, Microsoft President Brad Smith announced that the company is overhauling its security practices to prevent future breaches.

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