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Minister with a proposal to ensure gender equality in government services

Michael McGrath, Minister of Public Expenditure and Reforms, proposes to diversify government services.

He said in his guidelines that further diversification in the service would improve the behavior of the officers.

This diversification of the government service can only take place if 40% representation of all sections of the population is ensured.

Representation of all sections will bring about positive changes in the behavior of the officers.

Addressing the Governance Forum of the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), the Minister said that this will also help in fostering a healthy and holistic culture in the institution.

The respective boards should inform the ministers of the steps required to ensure gender equality when making new appointments.

In addition, each board must submit a report on what it has done to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in its organization and its progress.

It is also suggested that the Board implement effective guidelines for resolving issues related to gender equality. McGrath says this is the first major change in the 2016 Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies.

He added that despite the growing emphasis on gender equality, 40 per cent of institutions did not comply last year.

A July 2018 survey found that for the first time, 40.7% of board members were women. In December 2018, 41.5% of women and 58.5% of men were represented on all state boards.

At the same time, he clarified that less than half of the individual boards ensure 40 per cent reservation.

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