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Modi-Adani nexus will be exposed: Rahul Gandhi

Delhi: Rahul Gandhi has stated that his struggle will continue whether or not he is a member of Parliament. He was speaking to the media today in Delhi. For me, it makes no difference whether I am inside or outside the Lok Sabha. My struggle will continue. Rahul Gandhi stated that his fight is to maintain the country’s democratic structure. His mission is to raise the voices of the poor. The BJP government is attacking democracy in the country.

He stated that he cannot be silenced by putting him in jail. He is only telling the truth. He was disqualified because of fear of Modi. Narendra Modi is dreading his next speech. But he will continue to speak. He wrote a letter to the Speaker about disqualification but received no response. Despite having met the speaker in person, he was not permitted to speak.

The BJP says that the attack on Adani is an attack on the country. For them, the country means Adani, and Adani means the country. The reason for Modi’s estrangement with him is that he revealed the relationship between Adani and the Prime Minister. Twenty thousand crores of rupees came to Adani’s shell companies. It is not Adani’s money. He inquired as to the source of the funds. The government should make that clear. Rahul Gandhi also stated that the public should be aware of the Adani-Narendra Modi relationship.

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