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More than 400 people have died in Ireland due to drug overdoses

Dublin: More than 400 people died from drug overdoses in Ireland alone in 2020. The shocking statistics accurately reflect the country’s rising drug use.

There are some terrorist groups that are capable of destroying the country through the drug trade. In Ireland, which is generally anti-drug, drug dealer gangs have infiltrated even among school and college students across the country in recent years.

These are only preliminary estimates of deaths in 2020. More figures are on their way.

The Citizens’ Assembly, formed to formulate a policy on drug use, has taken up the issue. The topic is presented based on the findings of the Health Research Board (HRB).

The Citizens’ Assembly will meet to discuss the role of the health and social sectors in significantly reducing the negative effects of illicit drug use.

According to the HRB, 409 people died as a result of an overdose in 2020, with eight out of ten of them involving the use of multiple drugs.

Research shows that seven out of ten deaths are caused by opioids. Methadone, heroin, and cocaine were among the three.

Another surprising factor is that six out of ten are prescription drugs. Antidepressants and antiepileptics have been used for overdose.

According to Dr. Suzi Lyons, senior researcher at the Health Research Board, the findings show that combining prescription drugs with other drugs is a major cause of death. Based on the study, 130 people died from overdoses in 2020, compared to 24 in 2011.

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