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Musician Bressie has revealed his love affair with Tanaiste

Singer Bressie has come clean and opened up about his secret romance with Tanaiste Leo Varadkar. Niall Breslin, a musician, came to the scene amidst rumors about this.

A native of Mulligarh, Bressie responded to rumours that he had once dated the leader of Fina Gael. In the latest episode of the Where Is My Mind podcast, Bressie has made this clear.

Bressie dedicated the rest of the podcast episode for discussing about rumors and their transmission. This episode would include other guests, including Ciaran Dunne from the School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies at DCU.

The 39-year-old revealed that he had been in love with Varadkar for many years.  ‘Leo was my on-off partner for almost three years, and despite our difference, we still remain friends. ‘At times we really struggled with each other’s politics — which in the end, was a bridge we simply couldn’t cross’ – said Bressie.

‘But here’s the thing: Because of our respective jobs and profiles, we had to keep our relationship secret. It was for the best.’

‘Let’s face it, rumours are ingrained into the very fabric of our society, and they certainly add a bit of excitement to our lives. Life would be incredibly boring if it was just full of facts and evidence.’

‘Rumors are usually harmless and sometimes a little funny; like the love story between me and the leader of the country. However, in some cases, rumors can have serious negative consequences. Jobs, relationships, livelihoods, prestige and integrity can all be lost. Unfortunately in some cases may even lose their lives’ – Bressie said.

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