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NASA to send humans to the moon again; most powerful rocket in history is being prepared

After completing the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, NASA is preparing to send humans to the moon again.

The mission has certain features, such as sending a man to the moon years later and sending the first woman to the moon. Not only that, but the lunar mission will also feature the astronauts’ journey into the largest powerful rocket in NASA’s history.

Boeing has teamed up with NASA to build the Space Launch System or SLS launch vehicle.

The SLS rocket will still be taller than the Statue of Liberty in the United States as it prepares for its first seating with the Artemis passengers. It will have the capacity to carry 38 metric tons of weight to the moon.

Matt Duggan, Boeing mission’s operations manager, says the space launch system is an important technology that enables humans to travel longer distances and longer into space.

It can carry large cargo and all the things that man needs to live and work in space. The future Mars missions can also take advantage of the power of the SLS rocket. SLS can also be used to build and transport equipment and supplies needed for a large-scale project.

SLS has a team of talented engineers who previously worked for NASA’s space shuttle and the International Space Station. Duggan said all the best modern engineering methods available today are being utilized for SLS. A computer-controlled construction method is followed to ensure accuracy. The construction is done by carefully inspecting each part of the rocket.

Activities for SLS are active despite the global epidemic. NASA and Boeing team prepare for rocket’s hot fire test. As part of this test, the rocket’s four RS25 engines will run for the same amount of time during launch.

The SLS Artemis 1 will be ready for launch in 2021, after a decade of development. The first rocket, equipped with the Orion space capsule, will be launched without passengers. The first launch will orbit the moon and the second launch will land on the moon. This will be followed by the third Artemis launch to the moon.

After the successful completion of this project, the SLS crew members are optimistic that the dream-like Mars mission will become a reality.

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