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Nationwide protests: Protests against the lifting of the ban on evictions

Dublin: There are nationwide protests against the government that have left hundreds of tenants homeless. Despite the bad weather, thousands of people took to the streets to protest the lifting of the eviction ban.

The protest organised by the Cost of Living Coalition was supported by various trade unions, Sinn Fein, Labour and other political party leaders and activism groups. The protest was attended by celebrities such as film star Liam Cunningham. More than two thousand people protested outside Leinster House in Dublin.

Liam Cunningham said that the housing crisis shows the failure of the government. He revealed that he and his ten-year-old child had been evicted. He added that taking away people’s lives and pride is a complete failure.

Sinn Féin TD Louis O’Reilly said she was ashamed of the independent TDs who backed the government’s decision to lift the ban on evictions. The TD accused the government of being a disgrace. Labour leader Ivana Bacik joined the protesters. The TD expressed concern about where these people would go. She said it was scary to go to Garda stations and so on. She claimed that Dublin City Council lacked the financial and human resources to assist so many people.

Protesters openly expressed their sorrows.
People were a part of the protest by expressing their grief and protest of being homeless. One woman lamented that she was moved out of her home where she lived for 15 years, while another woman shared her grief about where she would go after giving birth the next day.

Another woman expressed concern about where to take her nine-year-old child. On Thursday, she had to leave the house she had lived in for 17 years. Taxes and rent had cost her hundreds of thousands of euros. They claimed to be still on the streets. In October, the eviction notice was delivered. I’ve been looking for another place to live ever since. They say that their daughter does not like to stay in emergency accommodations.

Disability activist Kayleigh McDevitt (28), who has cerebral palsy, was also moved out of home and is expected to stay in transitional housing in Clontarf for six months. I used to live there for five years. I do not have the financial means to even watch a TV. They accused the government of further crushing her as she is depressed. 69-year-old June Maher of Brail, who was evicted after receiving an eviction notice in 2018, also participated in the protest of the homeless. She said that after a long 13-year wait, the house provided by the Dublin Council was made available.

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