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New Act to Regulate Use of Foreign Flags..

Copenhagen: Denmark is set to introduce a law restricting the use of foreign flags in the country. This new regulation will come into effect on January 1, following the parliamentary elections.

The move follows a recent case where a Danish man flew an American flag in his garden. The Danish Supreme Court ruled that he was permitted to do so, as the 1915 protocol was not in force. In response, the government has introduced new legislation to counter this ruling.

Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard announced that the law would restrict the free flying of foreign flags, emphasising that the Dannebrog, the Danish flag, is Denmark’s most important national symbol.

The law will not entirely prohibit the use of foreign flags. Exceptions include demonstrations, sporting events, and other specific occasions. The regulation does not apply to the flags of the Nordic countries, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Germany, and international organisations. Embassies will also retain the right to fly their national flags.

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