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No one in Ireland is breaking the law, said Gardaí

Figures from Gardaí shows that people of Ireland are strictly following the Level 5 restriction guidelines.

Travel restrictions and face masks are strictly adhered to! No more than five kilometers of travel, no commotion, no commotion in the name of the House Party, all these are strictly followed.

Garda said only two people have been charged for violating health guidelines since October 22.

As part of Level 5, there were 132 check posts on major roads and about 1,000 check posts on secondary and minor roads daily. Traffic has been reduced by about 50% since the regulation came into effect.

A case has been registered against a man for not wearing a face mask and eight cases of non-wearing of a face mask are being investigated.

No arrests have been made since last Wednesday for failing to provide contact-tracing details on air landing forms. There have been six cases of retail violations.

Meanwhile, other crimes unrelated to Covid have been caught at checkpoints in Roderick. A total of 71 such offenses were reported, mainly related to road traffic offenses and drug use.

Garda says some crimes, such as robbery, have decreased since Level 5 restrictions came into effect, but there has been no significant change in drug-related criminal offenses.

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