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November 10th: World Science Day for Peace and Development

World Science Day for Peace and Development is an annual event held on November 10 to recognise how science contributes to world peace and development.

World Science Day for Peace and Development celebrates science’s positive effect on society. The major goal of this day is to better comprehend the role of science and technology in society. The inaugural World Conference on Science was held in 1999 by UNESCO and the International Council for Science. The gathering was held in Hungary, and numerous delegations agreed on the need to educate society about science. It was unanimously agreed that science should be given a special day or week.

In 2001, measures were taken to build a strong bond between science and society. On a regular basis, people were kept up to date on the newest advances in science and technology. Similarly, experts have come out to help people understand the environmental difficulties that our world is facing and how to live more sustainably. The inaugural World Science Day for Peace and Development was observed worldwide in 2002. Under the leadership and cooperation of UNESCO, many non-governmental organisations (NGOs), governmental organisations, research centres, educational establishments, including schools, colleges, and universities, joined together to commemorate this day.

The goal of this day is to recall science’s contributions to world peace and to encourage continued investment in scientific education and research.

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