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Know more about November 5th speciality

World Numbat Day is observed on the first Saturday of November each year, which falls on November 5 this year.

World Numbat Day is a holiday that celebrates Western Australia’s distinctive animal emblem and supports conservation activities. The numbat is an insectivorous marsupial also known as the banded anteater or walpurti. Its food is nearly entirely made up of termites. This species was originally common in southern Australia, but it is now restricted to a few tiny colonies in Western Australia. As a result, it is classified as an endangered species and is protected by several conservation efforts. Numbats have recently been reintroduced into fenced-in wildlife parks in South Australia and New South Wales. The numbat is considered Western Australia’s faunal emblem.


  1. If you’ve never heard of or learned about these mammals, World Numbat Day is the perfect day to learn about them.
  2. Fulfilling your role in raising awareness is the best way to help.
  3. Donate to organizations concerned with protecting numbats or endangered species in general.

Every year on November 5, World Tsunami Awareness Day is observed. Because of its periodic, devastating tsunamis, Japan is credited with beginning this observance.

The United Nations declared November 5 as “World Tsunami Awareness Day” in Resolution 70/23 on December 22, 2015. Tsunamis are one of the most catastrophic and hazardous natural disasters, despite their rarity. They have no borders since they do not simply harm coastal communities. They also reach and devastate cities and settlements that are not on the coast.

In the last 100 years, 58 tsunamis have killed over 260,000 people, more than any other natural calamity. The biggest number of deaths throughout those 100 years happened in December 2004, when the Indian Ocean tsunami struck. It killed 227,000 people in 14 countries, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand. Only three weeks after the tsunami, the world community gathered in Kobe, Japan, to approve the 10-year Hyogo Framework for Action. This agreement was the first comprehensive global agreement on disaster risk reduction.

Tsunami awarneness has developed significant competence in areas such as tsunami early warning, public response, and rebuilding better after a disaster to avoid future damage. The United Nations established this day to promote awareness about the need for tsunami education and to ensure that communities act decisively and calmly when tsunami warnings are issued.

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