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NTA Recommends 9% Hike in Taxi Fares, Significant Increase Expected in Ireland

Dublin: The National Transport Authority (NTA) has recommended a 9% increase in taxi fares, marking a significant rise after two years. This recommendation is 3% lower than the previous recommendation made two years ago.

The new fares are anticipated to take effect by the end of the year, following a public consultation held by the NTA.

This fare adjustment comes after evaluating the impacts of inflation, fuel prices, general economic conditions, and the availability of public transport in Dublin and surrounding areas.

The last fare increase was in September 2022, which saw a 12% rise, including a 17% increase for night runs. Part of that increase funded the introduction of cashless payment options for taxi drivers.

An NTA-conducted household survey revealed that taxi demand significantly impacts the cost of living, with 81% of respondents expressing this view.

As of February, Ireland had 16,526 registered taxis. Following the last fare hike, 2% of vehicles were newly registered as taxis.

The review also found that 3.7 people per 1,000 use small public service vehicles, including taxis and hackneys, one of the highest per capita rates in Europe. In Dublin, the rate is 7.2 per 1,000, significantly higher than in other cities.

The annual running costs for a taxi driver are estimated at €7,182, slightly lower than two years ago due to decreased fuel prices. However, the overall costs have risen due to increased vehicle prices, according to the NTA review.

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