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Nursing Registration to Ireland: NMBI registration application pack can now be downloaded online

Dublin: The NMBI Registration Application Pack for Nursing Registration in Ireland can now be downloaded through online. The Savenet file-sharing service will be available to applicants for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland from April 17.

There have been complaints that job seekers in Ireland have to rely on agents to save more time and money. Follow-up proceedings were conducted at the address of the agents as the agents had transacted on behalf of the applicants when submitting the application for nursing registration.

The agent has the opportunity to bargain as the decision was made in the name of the agent, even when the qualified employees received the decision. Although there was an opportunity to change the address given earlier, it was often difficult for newcomers.

There have been instances where agents who charged around Rs1 lakh from the employers for just giving the decision letter to them. The online application process will block all such activities.

According to the new guidelines, the NMBI assessment fee will be processed as soon as the application form is received online. English language proficiency will also be evaluated. Applicants from outside the EU are included in Group 3. Therefore, the assessment fee has to be paid before applying. Prior to that, English language proficiency should be ensured. It is important to remember that once the assessment fee is paid, it will not be refunded later.

Eligible applicants will receive documents through e-mail to register as a nurse in Ireland. You will receive a link in the mail from Savenet. After clicking on the link you will also receive a special email containing the code to access the documents. Once it is done, the pack containing the application form can be downloaded using the Savenet Cloud File Sharing Service. This way you can avoid waiting for the application pack to arrive in postal.

NMBI claims that Savenet cloud file sharing service is secure as it is approved by GDPR and designed with CTERA technology.

HSE recruitment to Ireland has been suspended but will not apply to those who have already completed the interview process. HSE’s new recruitment is expected to resume in August.

See the website for more information on registering with NMBI – https://www.nmbi.ie/Registration

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