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Overworked, underpaid, and constantly neglected….. Ireland’s doctors continue to flee the country

Dublin: Doctors in Ireland continue to ‘fly’ out of the country. Doctors are forced to leave their country due to the government’s and the HSE’s constant neglect. Every year, Ireland trains 750 doctors. The majority of them leave for other countries.

This outflow of doctors has accelerated since the travel ban was lifted. If current trends continue, Ireland will have no general practitioners, consultants, or public health doctors in the future. So far this year, 402 doctors have arrived in Australia. In 2019, it was 272. The Irish Medical Organisation’s annual conference raised the issue with the government.

Although Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has stated that steps have been taken to address the concerns of junior doctors, this is unlikely to be implemented anytime soon. In a long-running dispute over pay parity, medical scientists are already on strike. If doctors go on strike for another 21 days, the situation for patients in Ireland will be “severe.”

There aren’t every reason to cross the ocean… just one reason.

Waiting lists and overworked staff pose significant challenges to the entire health care system. The health care system as a whole is under enormous strain. Doctors must deal with all of this. They are also disappointed. The job misery of junior doctors is indescribable. Most have to work up to 80 hours a week, including 24-hour shifts.

At the very least, pay for the work done…

Doctors will be relieved if they get paid for every hour they work. But that is not the case here. In effect, the only thing left is suffering.

Ireland has a much lower number of consultants than the United Kingdom and Australia. This puts additional strain on the existing junior doctors. Doctors cross the sea for various reasons. Doctors trained in Ireland are in good demand in other countries. This also gives doctors the opportunity to travel abroad.

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