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Pastors warns that society will face huge repercussions if churches are not opened

A group of 70 pastors affiliated with evangelical Christian denominations in Ireland have written to the government warning of consequences if the churches are not reopened soon.

In a letter to Prime Minister Michael Martin and all TDs, the pastors said the hope found in churches and public worship would be counterproductive if the churches continue to close at a time when people are in dire need.

The pastors pointed out that only churches in Ireland in Europe are closed and that the closure of churches is unnecessary. They said that the closure will cause severe mental stress among people who regularly visits churches to pray.

At the same time, pastors say they believe that as winter approaches, there may be widespread reports of domestic violence and suicide in local communities where they have previously served.

The letter said that this is a time when churches in Ireland need to be open.

It also states that churches can be a source of hope and comfort to the faith community at a time when people are losing their jobs and worrying about the future.

Meanwhile, Pastor John Ahern of All Nations Church in Dublin said there had been seven suicides last week within his friends and acquaintances circle due to Covid tensions.

He says it is not good to focus too much on Covid cases alone and to ensure the mental health of the people.

“In many instances, church is their only social outlet and, for many non-nationals, their only family in this nation. It is not like they have anybody else who cares about them,” he said.

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