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Paul McGrath and Anne O’Brien into Football Hall of Fame

The FAI has honored the Irish legend Paul McGrath by introducing into Irish football’s Hall of Fame. McGrath and trailblazer Anne O’berin were awarded this time. It is the second time successively that the award has been given to both a male and a female.

McGrath’s name will be on the top of the list when ever the topic is about the best footballer of Ireland. 

He was a part of the 1990 and 1994 World Cup tournaments, previous to that he was featured in 1988 European Championship also. The Irish footballer amassed 83 senior caps too.

McGrath’s fellow player and FAI Interim Deputy CEO Naill Quinn said that “I have to admit that I was a little bit star struck when I met Paul at Abbotstown to present him with Hall of Fame award – and I played with him! That just tells you the stature of the man.”

He also said that Paul McGrath is a humble man to this day and is one of the greatest players the nation has ever seen. Quinn says that McGrath’s arrival into the FAI’s Hall of Fame is so well deserved.

Annie O’Brien was a charm to the women’s football in Ireland. She passed away in 201, but her legacy never fades away.

She was a midfielder who became to be known as one of the best players to wear boots in the Italian League. She won six league titles and two Italian Women’s Cups.

“This is a fantastic honor to recognize what Anne did. She would have been delighted with this and our family are very appreciative for it. We’d like to thank the FAI for remembering Anne and what she did in her footballing career.” Said Anne’s brother Paul O’Brien, who accepted the award on behalf of Anne.

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