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People are gathering and protesting amid level 5 restrictions; Garda arrested 11 people

DUBLIN: Despite the imposition of strict levels 5 restrictions in the country, people continue to gather and protest. The Garda have arrested 11 people for public order offenses after a crowd gathered in Dublin to protest an “anti-lockdown” protest.

The protesters first assembled at O’Connell Bridge yesterday afternoon. The protesters then moved to East Wall Road and Grafton Street following a Garda operation there.

Following the escalating situation of COVID-19, level 5 restrictions across the country came into effect from yesterday. Demonstrations against this were seen in the capital yesterday.

The Garda investigation on the organisers of the protest is also underway. The advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions has been sought on the follow-up.

Garda said they understood that the protest involved far-right elements.

A Garda spokesman said protesters had been repeatedly informed of violations of public health rules and asked to disperse.

“At approximately 5.30pm, as protestors began to disperse, a small group started to become involved in public disorder incidents on Grafton Street.” Subsequently, the Garda arrested 11 people for public order offenses.

The spokesman said no injuries were reported during the protest.

Of the 11 arrested, nine were men and two were women. This includes people between the ages of 20 and 60.

Nine of those arrested were released on bail with public order offences, while two were released with adult cautions.

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